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Those born on this date have a task to embrace responsibility and depth before expressing their personality through hasty and fiery moves. It is obvious that a combination of Saturn and the Sun cannot be easy, standing for an archetypal conflict between a father and a son, carried inside the world of a person born on this date.

Darkness will often take over, making them worried, pressured, and as if they cannot break free. Feeling powerless, they will grow the most, for this feeling makes them realize who they are, where their boundaries are, and teaches them about the amount of self-respect needed to become successful and satisfied with their personality. With a task to connect the conscious with the unconscious, reaching for the light at the end of a tunnel, these individuals will seem as if they search for trouble and problems only to find their way out of them.

While we're speaking of leaving a mark in the world, even the Sabian symbol for this day speaks of the fluency of time and the foundation needed to leave a name of importance behind. Often born with a powerful sense of meaning and a need to become an important part of history, these people have a strong drive to reach for status and discover ways to make a name for themselves. The most important part of this incarnation is self-expression and a person's ability to speak their mind.

Very often they will turn to creative writing or use their oratory skills to prove their rigid attitudes, but the trick here is to build a strong inner sense of Self to be able to truly transfer that inner light on other people. Communication is the key to their wellbeing and if they stay closed up for the outer world as they tend to be, they will never learn how to set free from shackles brought onto them by their ancestors.

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January 4th born are known for their rational approach to life, and their emotions are often well-hidden from plain view. Not only is it imperative for them to stick to the realm of absolute intimacy to open their heart for someone, but they are often not fully aware of their feelings before hardship occurs. This will put pressure on their love life, as if they have to make a strict and specific equation out of everything, distancing them from carefree and smiling partners who wish to have fun in a relationship. With their creative side a bit pressured and damaged, the masculine side to their personality seems to be troubled, and this will lead to ego problems that make communication difficult.

There is nothing easy in the love life of these individuals, but they will not see this as the end of the world. They have enough passion and warmth carried within and if mutual respect is found and strong boundaries respected both ways, they will be prepared to let someone into their world and protect them with their shield. A dream to be implemented, this will often make them choose partners who need help and support, so they can show to be the hero they always wanted to become.

January 4th is a date in charge for writing and oratory accomplishments for the most part, but it is also a time of high goals and a career chase that makes one fight for status, financial goals, and a powerful image to show to the world. These individuals will be incredible in science, mathematics or politics as soon as they realize how powerful their mind can be when they know where their core lies.

Heliodor is the perfect stone for those born on the 4th of January, there to give them the power to overcome any challenge. Aside from providing the strength of will they need, this is also a crystal that serves to support detoxication and cleansing of stomach and liver — their weak spots. They want something they can use, while at the same time in sync with their personality. The good news is that you will overcome this dark phase.

You will become stronger in the long-run after dealing with this experience. It may be harder to trust others for awhile, but the challenge will offer you an important learning experience.

January 4 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

Singles will get off easy this year when it comes to love. There is not a lot of drama, and you are enjoying your freedom.

Venus enters Scorpio

Those that captivate your attention may only stick around temporarily. You are okay with that right now, as you are picky about who to get serious with. Your attention is centered more on friends and family right now. These relationships will be taking priority over your dating life at times. Around mid, anticipate an important family member needing your help on a big project. You two will become very close as this task strengthens your bond with one another. Those in a relationship will find that this birthday year is much more challenging. Unfortunately, the risk is high for a partner to stab you in the back.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

As gets going, you may find yourself spending more time alone than with your partner. If your significant other is acting strangely, there may be something up behind this suspicions behavior. Make sure you gather your facts before you jump to any untrue conclusions. Starting around June , things are more settled down. Whether you two worked it out or you are celebrating being single, you have plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the year.

You will have support from loved ones no matter what is going on for you. While there could be chaos in the love department of life, your career path is looking much more promising. You should anticipate growth and take positive steps forward. You are laying the groundwork and foundation down from changes that you have gone through in the past couple of years. The transitions you are making are for the best.

You are still gaining life experience and learning this birthday year. The first quarter of will set you on track for a busy, yet productive year. In early , your energy is sky high and helps to set the tone for a positive year at work. Your relationships with other employees are strengthening in the coming months. If you are still generally new to your organization or position, the work relationships you have developed are coming in handy.

There could be some tension that is unrelated to you personally at work. This environmental stress reaches a peak in June It will be important to stay out of it, and not take sides if you can help it.

January 4th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

Think about what is best for you. If you don't believe in taking a stand against your boss just because the guy in the cubicle next to you does, then don't. Stick to your guns on this, for your instincts will be leading you in the right direction. Those who work in construction, design, and creative industries will fair the best this birthday year.

Financially, you are trying to keep up from any big purchases that were made in the last year. With good fortune at work, you should be able to make ends meet. Temptations will arise, and you will have to keep yourself in check to keep the debt from accumulating too high. You may not be on the market for a major purchase, like a car or house, but you are happy and satisfied with what you have.

Appreciating what you do have is truly important. Random good luck will be on your side this birthday year, so you may be able to score some surprise windfalls here and there. December The holiday season is a bit nerve wracking this year. You are feeling a little scattered and forgetful. Double-check your event calendar to make sure you don't totally flake on a party you are supposed to attend. Key Date: Holiday stress reaches a peak for you on December 19th. Everyone and everything is getting on your nerves. Your anxiety levels will be back to normal soon.

January A problem at work is making it hard for you to sleep at night. Before the insomnia takes over your life, reach out to a boss or mentor who can help you cope with the situation. You don't want this stress to go on indefinitely. Key Date: January 30th is when the insomnia will hit you the hardest.